Tuesday assorted links

July 18, 2017

Tuesday assorted links

1. CASSIDY says he agrees w/ McConnell that the Medicaid CPI-U caps won’t actually take effect: “I mean, it’s eight years. That’s a long ways.” Link here.  That’s now old news, but it’s still worth repeating.

2. David Brooks on Bourdieu (NYT):

People at the top, he observed, tend to adopt a reserved and understated personal style that shows they are far above the “assertive, attention-seeking strategies which expose the pretensions of the young pretenders.” People at the bottom of any field, on the other hand, don’t have a lot of accomplishment to wave about, but they can use snark and sarcasm to demonstrate the superior sensibilities.

3. E-Z Pass fees finally match public choice theory: “And if you want to hit the beach in Middletown, R.I., crossing the Newport Bridge will cost you $4, while Rhode Island residents pay 83 cents on their E-ZPass transponders.”

4. “In one sample that we looked at in the Boston area, we find that upwards of 20% of kids who at the time of high school graduation say that they’re continuing on to college — about 20% of those kids don’t actually show up in the fall.” Link here.

5. Laotian high speed rail will cost half of their gdp, Sweet fancy Moses edition.


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