This Ridiculous Republican Propaganda is Exactly Why We Need the CBO

July 21, 2017

This Ridiculous Republican Propaganda is Exactly Why We Need the CBO

Catherine Rampell:

This ridiculous Republican propaganda is exactly why we need the CBO: Tuesday I wrote about the GOP’s systematic efforts to discredit and disempower any independent voice — media, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Government Ethics — that tries to hold government accountable.

Today we have a great example of the ridiculous propaganda that Republicans expect the public to swallow in the absence of such independent critics and scorekeepers.

The Washington Examiner has gotten its hands on a Trump administration “analysis” (I use that word loosely) of the Consumer Freedom Amendment, a proposal from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). …

Talk to literally any economist, including conservative ones, and you’ll learn that this idea would lead to adverse selection, a huge spike in premiums for sick people…, a proliferation of mini-med junk plans that cover virtually nothing…, and a possible death spiral. A more detailed explanation of this phenomenon is here. …

Contrary to the predictions of economists everywhere, the HHS propaganda document claims that the Cruz amendment would cause insurance coverage to go up and premiums to fall. Astoundingly, even premiums for people in the Obamacare-compliant plans — which, again, economic theory suggests would get stuck with only the very sickest, most expensive Americans — would allegedly decline relative to current law. …

This is garbage, and exactly why we need nonpartisan scorekeepers like the CBO. …

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