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July 27, 2017

Dear patient readers,

Please give a round of applause to Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, and Outis who sorted out, within hours of my telling them I couldn’t read or post as a result of an eye injury incurred in Los Angeles (which led to emergency room visits in LA and San Francisco, ugh) how to divvy up the work I was supposed to do over the next few days, and then early this week, to keep you all fed with your daily ration of information, analysis, and animal pictures.

While I did get my Los Angeles and San Francisco meetups done, and I think the readers enjoyed each of them a great deal, the rest of the trip was a bit of a bust. I felt particularly bad about the dinner meeting I had right after the LA meetup, in which I quickly got into so much distress (scratched cornea, and trust me, they are incredibly painful and I have a very high pain threshold) that I had to bail out when the appetizers arrived. One of my hosts (wife of an MD) took me to Cedars Sinai and stayed with me for 5 hours while (among other things) I saw 2 doctors and had my eye flushed out with a huge bag of saline solution. I also learned a lot about the state of eye technology (even when I am in bad shape, I always make the doctors explain what they are doing in quite a bit of detail).

The LA session wound up being a big group discussion of many current political topics, with a lot of the participants interested in further discussion and potentially some focused activism. The participants created a list for future communication and meetings. I know some readers were unable to come due to the date and location not fitting their calendars. If you would like to be included in the NC Los Angeles mailing list, please write me at with “Los Angeles Group” in the headline, and I will forward your message to the organizer.

One-Third of British Columbia’s Oil and Gas Wells Are Leaking Significant Levels of Methane The Ecologist (Micael)

Judge Orders Apple To Pay $506 Million For A-Series Processor Patent Infringement HotHardware

EU Commission sets deadline for Facebook, Twitter, Google unfair terms and conditions New Europe (Micael)

Travelers’ electronics at US airports to get enhanced screening, TSA says ars technica

Did antidepressants help make this man a mass-murderer? BBC

Finishing course of antibiotics could harm you, doctors say The Times. Lordie. How many years have doctors been prescribing antibotics, and no one knows how long a “course” should be? Help me. Here is the underlying study:


CIA analyst: Beijing poses a greater threat than Russia Asia Times

For China’s Global Ambitions, ‘Iran Is at the Center of Everything’ New York Times (Sid S)

European Cities Are Reclaiming Public Services From the Private Sector Vice Impact (Sid S). From earlier this month, still germane.

EU warns Poland on voting rights suspension amid judicial reforms DW

Poland hits back at EU ‘blackmail’ over judicial reforms Guardian

The international effects of ECB’s monetary policy Bruegel

EU-Canada agreement on passenger names declared illegal: ECJ New Europe (Micael)


Government orders study looking at the impact of ending free movement from the EU Sky News. Help me. this is being done only now?

EU workforce report ‘will arrive too late’ The Times. Duh.

Brexit: Amber Rudd announces ‘implementation period’ to delay promised curbs on EU immigration Independent

Cabinet split: Michael Gove says Britain will ‘not accept’ US chlorinated chicken after Brexit Telegraph

Amazon and Starbucks take reputation hit from tax avoidance publicity Independent

Rogers and Todorov: New UK law creates liability for gross human rights abuses FCPA Blog


The EU’s Avoidable Greek Tragedy Social Europe (Micael)


Can Venezuela Resurrect Its Economy? Council on Foreign Relations

Venezuela opposition starts 48-hour nationwide strike Aljazeera (Micael)

Clash between Venezuelan government and opposition raises threat of civil war WSWS (Micael)


A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul? Defend Democracy

How CIA and Allies Trapped Obama in the Syrian Arms Debacle American Conservative (margarita)

The Saudi Power Balance Is On A Knife-Edge OilPrice

Senior Israeli Minister Warns Palestinians of “Third Nakba” LobeLog. Resilc: “Our tax $ at work…maybe the Israelis can give them smallpox blankets? worked for us….

New Cold War

Russia sanctions bill hits new snag Politico

Germany calls for more EU sanctions on Russia New Europe (Micael)

Russia sanctions fuel new Cold War Norman Solomon, USA Today

Commission succeeds in blunting US sanctions on Russia Politico

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Feds Crack Trump Protesters’ Phones to Charge Them With Felony Rioting Daily Beast (Chuck L)

Every Swedish car owners’ details may have leaked in explosive IT failure ZDNet (Chuck L)

Sweden leaks details of almost all of its citizens in move that could bring down government Independent (Brian C)

These cheap phones come at a price — your privacy CNET (Chuck L)

Trump Transition

Trump and the Trumpists Wolfgang Streeck. A must read.

Inside Trump’s snap decision to ban transgender troops Politico

I Served. Trump Never Did’: Trans Veterans Respond to The President’s Ban Vice (resilc)

Trump Affirms the Military Ain’t a Freak Show by Publius Tacitus Sic Semper Tyrannis. Chuck L:

This SST post probably won’t go over well with much of the NC commentariate but it does reflect how experienced combat soldiers, and especially commanding officers, look on these things. Trump’s statement regarding transgender people follows logically from Mattis’s memo of last Friday as described in the following SST post yesterday:

Betsy DeVos: Trump’s illiberal ally seen as most dangerous education chief ever Guardian

Trump Is Selling Out the Midwest, Biofuel Industry Says Bloomberg. Resilc: “This and cutting Syria aid are MAJOR wins.”

Is Trump Ruining Book Sales? New Republic. The common cold will be his fault too.

Bannon Is Said to Call for 44% Tax on Incomes Above $5 Million Bloomberg (resilc)

Trump’s Cultural Revolution Bloomberg


The Four Major Health Care Scenarios Nate Silver

Obamacare Repeal Fails Early in Senate Health-Care Debate Bloomberg

The Real Motive for the ‘Skinny Bill’ Farce New York Magazine (resilc)

I want to give you a quick update on what’s happening with the disastrous Republican efforts to strip health care away from 22 million people. Bernie Sanders, Facebook (Kevin C)

Why Some Insurance Plans Limit Specialized Treatments Knowledge@Wharton

Democrats Smear Jill Stein Black Agenda Report (Darius)

Housing, battling racism and a municipal bank top agenda for L.A. council president Los Angeles Times (Joe Costello). A municipal bank for LA?

Teen allegedly harassed by police for mowing lawns in affluent neighborhood Fox23 (resilc)

Kill Me Now

Clinton book to double down on Russia, Comey message The Hill. Let us not forget that her last book was mainly pulped…but we’ll be unable to avoid encountering headlines of reviews.

Taibbi: Government Misled Public on Fannie/Freddie Takeover Rolling Stone (resilc)

Four Lloyds Bank workers and three ‘bespoke money launderers’ who raided £750,000 from the accounts of rich clients and lavished it on luxury lifestyles are jailed for 38 years Daily Mail. Look at how the authorities pounce on people who steal from the wealthy! Too bad for the rest of you.

New York Subsidy To Lure Aetna Benefits A Cuomo Donor International Business Times

Amazon has a secret health care team called 1492 focused on medical records, virtual doc visits CNBC

Wells Fargo Lawyer Who Released Client Information Wants It Back Bloomberg. Chuck L: “Another Wells Fargo innovation in customer disservice.”

FOMC Review: No Hike, No Balance Sheet Move, Timing Clearer Roubini Global Economics

Class Warfare

Skyrocketing Rents in California Signal a Broader US Housing Crisis Truthout

How work changed to make us all passionate quitters aeon (Chuck L). A must read. IMHO this is a big reason productivity isn’t growing. Turnover is a big cost to a business. And employees with their eye on the door won’t go that extra mile for their company. By contrast, Goldman has very low turnover and it is very adept at getting employees to invest psychologically in the firm.

Antidote du jour. Stephen who was at the SF meetup promised cat pics. This is Willow, who likes climbing in bed.

And Richard Smith and I loved this one but Lambert really didn’t:

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