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August 7, 2017



an economist who is good in theory but on the far left in practice

Michael Stutchbury, The Australian

“I do not know how he is a professor, but anyway he purports to be an economist” Senator Richard Alston, ex-Minister for Communications

“One of the elder statesmen of the Oz blogosphere” – Age Media Blog

“More intelligent than Britney Spears”Jason Soon

“The great neo-classical iconoclast”Ross Gittins

“A green activist with a totalitarian mindset”, editorial, The Australian

“would argue under a pile of wet statistics and produces more copy than Xerox”. Stephen Matchett in the Australian

“the odd Quiggan (sic) is good mental exercise; all part of life’s rich tapestry et al.”Peter Jonson

“Wrong”, “incorrect”, “off the mark again” Institute for Public Affairs, Institute for Private Enterprise, Centre for Independent Studies etc.

“Never wrong”Tim Blair

“A compassionate exponent of the dismal science”
Stewart Fist

“An indispensable weblog”Bear Left

“Quiggin strikes me as the stereotype of an Australian – joyful, hearty, and not particularly aware of his own strength.”SomeCallMeTim

“Krugman of the Antipodes”Christopher Joye

” … his chief delight was drinking cups of coffee at odd hours” Anthony Powell A Dance to the Music of Time

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