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September 8, 2017

The Minskys blog has done students of history of economic thought a huge favor by putting this timeline:

Do you keep getting confused about the different schools of thought in economics? Do you always forget what Walras was about, and when Marx was around? This timeline has your back. It provides an overview of historic events, schools of thought, and the people involved.


points to a new paper by Zingales estimating costs of US govt intervention in fin crisis

2. IDB points development is not a cup of tea

3. ACB has a superb post- interest rate apartheid

4. Cowen answers how will crisis impact the economics profession

5. Casey Mulligan points he is the only one. Also read his post on deflation

6. Rodrik on IMF’s new credit facility

7. Fin Prof points rates fall to pre-Lehman fall days

8. IGM Blog points Doug Diamond discussing crisis

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Thanks a ton!


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