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September 25, 2017

Watch: Youngsters in Gujarat put a spin on the dandiya as they perform on roller skates And now for something completely different: cool video.

The day nine young students shattered racial segregation in US schools Guardian

How cricket is going global with Netflix and Amazon New Statesman

Videos: Meet Simone Giertz, comedian of technology and inventor of blundering devices

It’s a rule of the road: When it is easy to drive, people drive. Treehugger

This Amazing Tree That Shows How Languages Are Connected Will Change The Way You See Our World Bored Panda

APNewsBreak: Planes designed for Alaska to take final flight AP

Imperial Collapse Watch

What Is Great about Ourselves LRB. Pankaj Mishra.

Europe is training military forces in weak states – and that’s seriously risky The Conversation

Seven Rules for Running a Real Left-Wing Government Ian Welsh (martha r)

German Election

Merkel Chastised as Far-Right Surge Taints Fourth-Term Win Bloomberg

Merkel’s party slumps to historic low, eyes coalition options DPA International

Who are Germany’s far-right AfD? Al Jazeera Al Jazeera

PROZENTUALE STIMMENVERTEILUNG Handelsblatt. The chart provides the vote breakdown. Note that Merkel only got 33% of the vote. The result pulls the government to the right and has provoked a hysterical reaction in the German press.

Germany’s far-right party surged to its best election result since the Nazis — meet Marine Le Pen-like leader Alice Weidel Business Insider.

Meet the Lesbian Goldman Sachs Economist Who Just Led Germany’s Far Right to Victory Foreign Policy (UserFriendly)

Merkel set for fourth term in power but support weakens sharply FT

Germany’s AfD: how to understand the rise of the right-wing populists The Conversation

Angela’s ashes: 5 takeaways from the German election Politico


Merkel’s poll win unlikely to make much difference to Brexit, analysts say Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to back EU single market membership New Statesman


Catalan separatists take to the streets ahead of referendum Reuters

Catalonia referendum: Madrid moves to take over local policing BBC

Catalan campaigners hand out a million referendum ballots Guardian

New Cold War

Trump allies see vindication in reports on Manafort wiretapping The Hill


Don’t underestimate Kurdistan’s resilience Brookings

Iraqi Kurds cast their votes in historic referendum CNN

Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to cut off oil flow from Iraq’s Kurdish area over referendum Reuters

Syria – U.S. CentCom Declares War On Russia Moon of Alabama

Health Care

HHS hints at major changes to Medicare that could mean higher costs for patients PBS (The Rev Kev)

GOP changes Graham-Cassidy bill to win over wary senators The Hill

North Korea

What if worst comes to worst with North Korea? China ‘must be ready’ for war on the peninsula SCMP

The forbidden questions about the Korea crisis Asia Times

Trump’s Iran decision could shake up North Korea stand-off The Hill

Real estate guy from Queens gets US North Korea policy right Asia Times


How China is using military ties to expand its reach in Southeast Asia SCMP

This Startup Is Luring Top Talent With $3 Million Pay Packages Bloomberg


Modi’s Promise of a ‘New India’ Looks Shaky Amid Economic Chaos The Wire

Trump is using the national anthem as a distraction – just like Hindutva supporters in India do

Fake News

Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook WaPo

Class Warfare

How Conservatives Learned to Love Free Lawyers for the Poor Politico (martha r)

Uber apologises after London ban and admits ‘we got things wrong’ Guardian

An ethical dilemma for doctors: When is it OK to prescribe opioids? The Conversation

CVS tightens restrictions on opioid prescriptions in bid to stanch epidemic Stat

Facebook climbdown highlights pressure to scrap share classes FT

Quake Relief Reaches Rich Mexicans, But the Poor Feel Abandoned The Wire

Rescue Dogs At Work After Mexico’s Earthquakes Atlantic (Furzy)

Kill Me Now

Biden rips Trump over race in South Carolina return Politico. Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Trump Transition

Why the GOP’s Tax Plan Could Leave High-Wage Earners With Little to Gain WSJ

Kushner reportedly used a private email address to communicate with top White House officials Business Insider

Obama’s Guantánamo Legacy Lingers in Trump Era TruthOut

A Divider Not a Uniter, Trump Widens the Breach NYT Classic pearl-clutching.

White House expands travel ban, restricting visitors from eight countries WaPo

Nearly 150 protest national anthem in loud NFL statement NY Post

Trump fight over national anthem could really hurt NFL and its business empire

Hurricane Alley

Puerto Rico’s Guatajaca dam failing amid mass evacuations and flash flooding Independent

Puerto Rico’s governor calls for greater federal response to Maria Politico

Puerto Ricans Note Trump Tweeting Fails to Mention Their Plight Bloomberg

Antidote du Jour:

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