Thank You One And All

October 4, 2017

This is my final post on the blog. When I started it back in 2005, it was just meant to comminicate
my thoughts on the economy and the markets to friends and former colleagues in an efficient
manner. At the outset, I was lucky to get a dozen hits a week. With no promotion on my part, the
blog now gets thousands of hits a week and has numerous followers. For all that, I thank you folks
for following along with a very old fashioned thinker. After the 2008 – 09 bear market in stocks, I
made up my mind I would not post through another bear market. I kept the blog going out of
curiosity to see if the US could pull itself out of an economic depression. Well, to paraphrase
former NY Fed chairman Tim Geithner,  the economy was saved, but the country was lost.

I have never been a top spotter, but 2500+ on the SPX is my top and reward of sorts for not having
run out on my audience in 2008 when everything turned to shit. Since I have been coasting this
year and not doing my style of green eye shade research, I leave the entire future of the markets
to you to figure out.

As an old colleague of mine was fond of saying “nobody has a monopoly on the truth”. To that,
I would simply add that there are several disciplines that seem to work well in analyzing the
markets and when you find the one that you’re at home with, do not be a slave to it, but use it
as a critically important tool to keep the all-to-human destroyers of successful trading and
investing — fear and greed — at bay.

Best of luck to all…..

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