Calling Readers! Possible Meetups Soon: Boston, NYC, Philadelphia (and Atlanta)

October 8, 2017

This is Naked Capitalism fundraising week. 1101 donors have already invested in our efforts to combat corruption and predatory conduct, particularly in the financial realm. Please join us and participate via our donation page, which shows how to give via check, credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Read about why we’re doing this fundraiser,what we’ve accomplished in the last year and our current goal, burnout prevention.

Thanks to the great response to this fundraiser, we’d like to thank readers by scheduling some meetups pronto. The reason we don’t do them more often is that as much as we really enjoy serving as an excuse for members of the Naked Capitalism community to meet each other, getting out and about means we aren’t at our keyboards surveying the state of the world and churning out hopefully informative links and commentary.

Here is a tentative schedule.

Boston Thursday October 19

New York City Tuesday October 24

Philadelphia Thursday November 2

The Boston and Philadelphia meetups depend on readers finding suitable venues! That means YOU!

The venue that worked the best so far was lounge at the Marriott Residences in Chicago. It had a remarkably large bar areas, and we got an entire quiet section in the back for ourselves. So the key criteria are:

Ability to accommodate a large group (I guesstimate 40+ for Boston, 20-30 for Philadelphia)

Ease of mingling

Low noise level

Good access to public transportation or otherwise well located

In New York, I am seeing if we can meet again at Slainte, which has a very large back room they usually let us book.

We also have a meetup already scheduled for Atlanta on November 15, and need readers to find a spot there too. I expect turnout to be more modest, probably 20. But we still need a place to gather, so please provide ideas in comments!

Hoping to firm all of this up and see you soon!

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