Pothole deaths and pothole on Mumbai airport runway delays flight ..

October 11, 2017

As Indian polity and some experts keeps blowing trumpets over shining economy, fastest growing economy, digital giant and what not, the reality for common man is stark.    It is amazing how we are unable to build a kilometer of all weather road in most top cities of the country and make these world beating claims!

Today morning Times of India Bangalore mentions another death in the city due to avoiding potholes. This is the 3rd death in 7 days. It is hardly new as this is common for India’s technology capital.

Financial capital is not far away in the matter either. So much so, the pothole in the financial capital moved from road to the airport runway! We have similar news from political capital.

There have been 10000 deaths due to potholes between 2014 and 2016.  There are more details in this government report.

One could go on and on. And as we can see we have similar experiences across different governments. So one cannot blame one over the other and that is also not the purpose of the post.

The sheer apathy & purposeless is shocking and no words and sympathy are enough. How can we be so bad at building roads? Why do they keep going down after one spell of rain? It is hardly the case that cities like Mumbai and Bangalore receive random unseen rains and little can be done. It is an annual affair.

This year most of the top cities were flooded one after the other posing enormous problems about our totally random so called development. The ecological balance of most cities has been totally eroded and we are sitting on time bombs which keep exploding every now and then.

And yet all these trumpets?

The serious target for all our governments going ahead is neither GDP nor inflation. It is avoiding deaths due to avoiding potholes. For a long time we are being told that so many kilometres of roads have been built which is higher than previous government, and hence this government has a better track record on roads. This is like saying we just build schools and do not care for education inside.

We should now also ask questions over quality and maintenance of roads. It is such a tragedy…


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