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October 13, 2017

When I started this site, one of the things I wanted to have was a high-caliber, vibrant comments section. And even though it’s taken more and more effort in a world of paid and self-assigned trolls and more and more factually and analytically challenged discourse, you’ve helped us achieve that. Everyone who writes here greatly values the feedback you give, even when it comes in the form of corrections, including of our trademark typos. You give us ideas and information, and make my work and that of the other bloggers better.

This fundraiser is coming to a close on Saturday, so if you haven’t have a chance to give yet, please go to the Tip Jar, which tells you how to donate by check, credit card, or debit card. Every dollar you give now goes to fund more original reporting

Over the past few years, and especially over this past week, you have shown me that we are actually a community, a group of people who believe together in justice. Individually, you decided to put your resources on the line to make sure that we keep going, grow, and get better, that our words and ideas matter. This is essential, it’s the first step in creating a different society, where we assert our own collective dignity.

Let’s get to 1600 donors. We’ve just broken our donor target of 1450, so help us reach this new goal before the fundraiser ends. Click on the Tip Jar now.

Over the next year, I’m excited to work with all of you to continue to puncture the perceived monopoly of wisdom the Very Serious People have over economics and finance. It’s ultimately a collective endeavor to do this because ideas cannot be divorced from the networks of people who carry them. It’s remarkable that we are actually a community, as well as a website, and I’ll be thinking hard about how to make sure we manifest that going forward.

We’ve gotten input and encouragement from many of you, including some important journalists who have told us more than once that Naked Capitalism informs their work. We also have been told by professional writer regularly that they are in awe of how much high quality material we produce, week in, week out, with such a small staff.

Clive, who has become an important part of our effort, explains the level of commitment involved in producing this site:

And lest anyone think running a blog is easy, try doing it.

As a comparison, a charity which I’m trustee of produces a paper newsletter (we get continually advised by the people whom the charity serves that a newsletter, on paper, with carefully curated high-quality relevant content is far more valued than rapid-fire emails or social media, even if they are more frequent — which goes to show that the Naked Capitalism philosophy of thought-provoking long-form content is what is valuable nowadays when there’s so much dross or bought opinions in circulation) once a quarter or so. It takes the editorial team of four or five people that long to publish what usually ends up being half a dozen or so printed pages.

So this three-monthly output for four or five people equates to a couple of days of Naked Capitalism material.

And I take between four and six hours to produce an article to Naked Capitalism standards. Yves often needs to review and make editorial changes or spot where sections need re-work. It is virtually impossible to be sufficiently self-critical to evaluate your own writing. So even guest writers present a demand on editorial time and mental bandwidth.

Yet readers get almost invariably one original post a day as a minimum, usually two (or even three if it is a fast news day). So Yves’s work rate is about three or four times mine. And I am pretty quick. And you get a vetted guest post or cross posting. Oh, and the daily Links. And the weekday Water Cooler.

Keeping this show on the road is little short of a monumental effort. I’d have quit this lark years ago, if it had been me, for something less taxing and tiring. Like crocodile wrestling.

I thought I’d share a few more comments from my inbox this week:

From Harry W:

Keep up the good work. I am almost 88 and have watched NC since ur book came out. This seems to be the only aspect of democracy that still works in the USA.

And ambrit:

Times are tough!

So, we’re giving something because times like these are when sites like Naked Capitalism are needed the most.

And Scott Z

I would also like to take this opportunity to register my support for the comments section and all the hard work it takes to make it a success. New or challenging ideas cannot take hold in the mind without constructive dialog. Without dialog, only varying forms of brainwashing occur. The world is plagued with an overabundance of that sort of communication. NC provides a platform that is very rare. Thanks for your diligent work.

If you’ve already given, thanks for sending the message that this site matters, that we can create leverage in the world from our own corner. If you haven’t, there’s still time (though not that much of it), so please proceed to the Tip Jar now! I guarantee you that in a few years, you will be proud of being a part of building this community. You will have shown that there are parts of this world that believe that integrity and dignity matter.

That’s what you’ve shown me.

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