The 20 Most Valuable Companies in the World – Nov 2017

November 26, 2017

This post lists the 20 publicly traded companies with the largest market capitalization as of today. Since my May 2017 list of the 20 most valuable stocks many of the market caps have increased significantly.

In the 20 most valuable companies list there are 13 USA companies, 4 Chinese companies and 1 each for Korea, Netherlands and Switzerland. The remaining 17 companies with market caps above $200 billion are based in: USA 8, China 5, Switzerland 2, Japan 1 and Taiwan 1.

Company Country Market Capitalization
1 Apple USA $898 billion
2 Alphabet (GOOGL) USA $729 billion
3 Microsoft USA $642 billion
4 Amazon USA $572 billion
5 Facebook USA $531 billion
6 Tencent China $506 billion*
7 Alibaba China $492 billion
8 Berkshire Hathaway USA $451 billion
9 Johnson & Johnson USA $371 billion
10 Exxon Mobil USA $345 billion

Tencent (China) soared $192 billion (61%) since my May 2017 post (after a 85% gain shown in the last post (behind only Samsung for largest percentage gain in that post). That gain pushed them over a $500 billion market cap and moved them from 10th most valuable to 6th. Alibaba also soared $192 billion (64% for them) and moved into the top 10.

Apple gained $73 billion in market cap and is closing in on a market cap over $1 trillion since my May 2017 post. Microsoft, which continues to gain value rapidly even though it is not getting the attention of many of the internet companies, increased by $117 billion. Amazon added $106 billion to their market cap in the last 6 months. Alphabet (Google) gained $77 billion while Facebook increased by $94 billion.

The next ten most valuable companies:

Company Country Market Capitalization
11 JPMorgan Chase USA $341 billion
12 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) China $319 billion*
13 Samsung Korea $310 billion
14 Walmart USA $289 billion
15 China Unicom China $281 billion
16 Bank of America USA $277 billion
17 Wells Fargo USA $267 billion
18 Nestle Switzerland $267 billion
19 Royal Dutch Shell Netherlands $260 billion
20 Visa USA $254 billion

Market capitalization shown are of the close of business November 26th, as shown on Google Finance.

GE continued to collapse, dropping another 62 billion add dropping well out of the top 20 (they were one of the 10 most valuable companies in 2016).

The total value of the top 20 gained $1.2 trillion since my February, 2016 post: growing from $7.2 trillion to $8.4 trillion. Remember, the companies making up the top 20 has changed (China Unicom, Visa and Royal Dutch Shell were added while GE, China Mobile and Roche dropped out).

As I noted in Stock Market Capitalization by Country from 2000 to 2016: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have a combined market capitalization greater than the entire stock market in every country but those in the USA, China and Japan.

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A few other companies of interest (based on their market capitalization):

China Construction Bank, China, $242 billion*
Bank of China, China, $242 billion*
Procter & Gamble, USA, $224 billion
Novartis, Switzerland, $222 billion
Chevron, USA, $221 billion
Petro China, China, $221 billion

Roche, Switzerland, $217 billion
ATT, USA, $214 billion
Pfizer, USA, $212 billion
Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC), Taiwan, $211 billion
Intel, USA, $209 billion
China Mobile, China, $208 billion
Ping An Insurance, China, $206 billion
Toyota, Japan, $205 billion
Oracle, USA, $205 billion
UnitedHealth, USA, $205 billion
Home Depot, USA, $201 billion

Others of interest, below $200 billion market capitalization:

Anheuser Busch, Belgium, $197 billion
HSBC, UK, $196 billion
Coca-Cola, USA, $195 billion
Verizon, USA, $192 billion
Citigroup, USA, $190 billion
Agricultural Bank of China, China, $183 billion*
Cisco, USA, $180 billion

Unilever, UK, $168 billion
Comcast, USA, $168 billion
PepsiCo, USA, $165 billion
Mastercard, USA, $162 billion
Boeing, USA, $158 billion
GE, USA, $158 billion
Walt Disney, USA, $155 billion
Abbvie, USA, $151 billion
Merck, USA, $148 billion
SAP, Germany, $145 billion
Total, France, $142 billion
IBM, USA, $141 billion

McDonald’s, USA, $137 billion
BP, UK, $132 billion
China Life Insurance Company, China, $128 billion
Amgen, USA, $123 billion
L’Oreal, France, $123 billion
Sanofi, France, $117 billion
Royal Bank of Canada, $116 billion
Banco Santander, Spain, $117 billion
Naspers, South Africa, $115 billion (Naspers owns 33% of Tencent – that stake is worth more than $169 billion by itself)
Broadcom, USA, $115 billion

BHP Billiton, Australia, $108 billion
China Petroleum & Chemical, China, $108 billion
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, $107 billion**
Novo Nordisk, Denmark, $102 billion
NTT, Japan, $100 billion

Softbank, Japan $95
Gilead Sciences, USA, $95 billion

Market capitalization figures were taken from Google finance. ADRs were chosen, if available (so I get the cap reported in USD).
* market cap taken from Google finance based on the Hong Kong exchange (no ADRs option was available) and converted to USD.
** converted from Australian dollars to USD

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