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December 3, 2017

Dog Shoots Pheasant Hunter In ‘Freak Accident’ In Iowa International Business Times

Don’t miss this year’s first (and last) supermoon Treehugger

Celebrate 50 years of Apollo with us as our new series blasts off Ars Technica

Policeman clings onto lorry about to fall off bridge with driver trapped inside Metro

A Mother’s Ninth-Century Manual on How to Be a Man Paris Review

‘Persuasion:’ Jane Austen’s greatest novel turns 200 The Conversation. Not sure I would call it the greatest– nor am I sure I wouldn’t. Readers?

History of the little things The Renaissance Mathematicus

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: AT&T Court Case Could Let Telecoms Slow Internet Speeds At Will International Business Times

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

UK consumer advocacy group takes legal action against Google Jurist

Activists occupy Paris Apple store over Europe tax dispute SCMP

Apple iOS 11 security ‘downgrade’ decried as ‘horror show’ The Register (The Rev Kev)

Bitcoin Heads to Wall Street Whether Regulators Are Ready or Not Bloomberg

Bombs in Your Backyard Pro Publica. Some more news to brighten your day.

Exxon’s First Amendment Claims in Climate Fraud Case Draw Judge’s Skepticism Climate Liability News

Class Warfare

Presidents Obama And Clinton Failed To Defend The Middle Class: Robert Reich International Business Times. David Sirota.

Why can’t San Francisco’s tech culture solve the city’s social problems FT

Why marriage is increasingly for the royals – and the rich Spectator

One in five American households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth MarketWatch

Even a $1 million retirement nest egg isn’t enough anymore CNBC

Rural America Is Building High-Speed Internet the Same Way It Built Electricity in the 1930s Motherboard

The Recruiters: Searching For The Next Generation Of Warfighters In A Divided America Task & Purpose. Long, with lots of detail on how dire economic prospects are for so many.

Kill Me Now

The Inevitability of Kamala Harris US News & World Report

The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election NYT (UserFriendly). The sense of victimhood knows no bounds. A year after the election one might think it would be accepted that…wait for it…HRC lost.

Trump Transition

NASA has never gone this long without a formal administrator Ars Technica

5 things Trump did this week while you weren’t looking Politico

If you voted Remain, you’ll never ‘get’ Trump Spectator

DOJ ‘Reviewing’ Harvard’s Offer of Access to Student Records Harvard Crimson

CIA directors past and present spar over President Trump’s tweets LA Times

L’affaire Flynn

Trump insists there was ‘no collusion’ with Russia as Michael Flynn guilty plea fails to show a smoking gun CNBC

Trump claims ‘rigged system’ has ‘destroyed’ Flynn’s life, let Hillary off the hook The Hill. Anyone disagree?

What the Flynn Plea Means National Review. Good summary of Flynn deal as nothingburger.

What’s in Flynn’s plea deal shouldn’t scare the White House. What isn’t should.WaPo Statement for the prosecution.

Brian Ross Suspended After False Michael Flynn Report, ABC Colleagues ‘Furious’ Daily Beast

Sex in Politics… Not!

Lawmakers have carte blanche to cut secret harassment settlements Politico

Three Lessons From How Congress Is Handling Sexual Misconduct Allegations FiveThirtyEight

Tax “Reform”

Tax Havens Lobby To Keep Loopholes That Enrich Insurers, Hedge Fund Managers International Business Times

Tax Bill Offers Last-Minute Breaks for Developers, Banks and Oil Industry NYT

Senate tax measure helps President Trump pivot away from clean energy and back to fossil fuels LA Times

Hours after Senate GOP passes tax bill, Trump says he’ll consider raising corporate rate WaPo

Puerto Rico

Why FEMA is making a big mistake in Puerto Rico Politico


Brexit: the most fateful mistake

If Brexit is going badly, it’s the fault of the Brexit elite: stop trying to blame the 48 per cent New Statesman


From the Caucasus to the Balkans, China’s Silk Roads are rising Asia Times

Europe Set to Award China `Holy Grail’ With Tariff-Rules Revamp Bloomberg

For Beijing, the greatest threat to China’s national security is not the Kim regime: it is the US The Conversation

North Korea

North Korea Won’t Be Denuclearized American Conservative


There’s no such thing as precise air strikes in modern warfare – just look at the civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria Independent. Patrick Cockburn.

Erdogan Says U.S. Sanctions on Iran Weren’t Binding for Turkey Bloomberg

How can the Arab world sidestep the pull of the abyss? Asia Times

Absolute Power in the Hands of a Crown Prince Der Spiegel

Kushner Is Leaving Tillerson in the Dark on Middle East Talks, Sources Say Bloomberg

Yemen – Saudis Throw The Towel – Saleh is Baaack – Russia Wins Moon of Alabama

Saudi Arabia is the Cause of Yemen’s Atrocities Yet The U.S. Continues to Exacerbate the Conflict AlterNet

Sucking Up to the Saudis The Baffler



Bankrupt Billionaires: India Inc’s Debt Crisis Sparks Feeding Frenzy Amongst Private Equity Funds The Wire


‘This is the world’s cheapest place to scrap ships’ – but in Chittagong, it’s people who pay the price Guardian

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